Simply ask the staff at the door and we will be delighted to ease you in to what is a very easy game to play and enjoy.

From Kelly’s Eye to Top of the Shop

The sessions of bingo are usually broken up into the “EARLY”, MAIN” and “LATES”. At the Cosmo, you can choose to play bingo on tickets (the traditional way) or on our hand held terminals. You buy your tickets to play bingo on (or tickets played on our terminals) at the book counter. Prices for tickets are usually displayed for a set of six. Prices for terminals are usually displayed for three sets of six and then for each additional set of six. You will need to ask for “everything” or “earlies & main” or “just main” or “main and lates”. Some games may be sold later at your tables.

If you choose to play on tickets, these are normally sold in sets of six. This means on most tickets for each game played, that you will have all the numbers that the caller announces, spread across the strip of six. When looking at a ticket, the strip of six is broken up into six blocks of three lines and nine columns. The columns start with single numbers from the left, progressing across the ticket with the tens, twenties, etc.


Eyes down

At the start of each new page, listen to the bingo caller who will announce the book or ticket that you are about to play on. He will also state the colour of the ticket and what win combination you are playing for. This will normally be first for any one line, then any two lines and then a full house. When the caller announces the first number, using a bingo dabber or pen, mark off the number called in a way that you can tell it has been called. Please be careful not to deface the numbers as we will need to be able to read it when you claim for a win!

One line means, on any one of the the blocks of six you mark off 5 numbers on a horizontal line (a line across the ticket). Two lines means you mark off the 5 numbers on two of the horizontal lines. The full house means all 15 numbers on any of the blocks have been marked off. If you mark off a winning combination the most important thing that you need to learn is to shout loud, clear and quickly so that the caller knows that you have a claim.



The golden rule of bingo is that the last number called must be on a winning ticket, so if you are a little slow or quiet and the caller doesn’t hear you, that means you will miss the chance to win and we don’t want that! When there is a claim made, ensure you hear the caller confirm it is a valid claim. Occasionally it is a false call, which could mean you are still playing for the same win combination again until it is won. If you fancy playing on the terminals, these are more expensive as they include more tickets. The electronics mark off the numbers for you just as soon as you press the screen to instruct it to do so. All you need to do is keep an eye on the machine for when you are nearing a win, and be prepared to shout loud, clear and quickly so that the caller hears you and stops the game. Remember that the last number called must be on the winning claim.

Prize money is shared by the number of players who have a valid claim. MINI BINGO GAMES These games are played on the mini bingo boards near your seat. Each board has a board number that corresponds to a number next to a coin slot at your table. The caller will advise the cost of each game as it is played. You need to enter coins to credit your board, ensure the board in play light is illuminated before playing. Different win combinations are played for, again the caller will let you know for each game played. Prices range from 20pence to £1 with an occasional £2 game. The stake normally lights just one board. ask staff in the club how to light up your second board. When you have a winning claim press the claim button on the unit unless requested to “shout” by the caller.

Remember, once you have done it once it really is easy and fun! What are you waiting for, we look forward to seeing you very soon! Good luck!